Alternative Safaris With a Twist

A safari is any overland journey, and doesn’t necessarily have to be all about wildlife spotting from a Jeep in Africa. If you fancy trying a safari with a different theme, or a wildlife safari with an added twist, read on for some inspiration…

Horseback safaris

You gain a completely fresh perspective by taking a wildlife dubai desert safari on horseback. There’s the chance to stalk big game and admire the bird life at a slow pace, while some guides will also let you enjoy parts at a faster pace. Although you can join horseback safaris in many different destinations, Macatoo Camp in Botswana has won the Best Riding Safari award from the Good Safari Guide a couple of times, so is a good place to start.

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Yoga safaris

Wildlife safaris and yoga practise may not seem like a very natural fit, but the combination actually works very well: you can enjoy some intrepid wildlife-spotting and potential danger, followed by a relaxing yoga session to unwind in beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of companies now offering this type of safari, from Kenya to South Africa, so your choice is really down to the destinations and types of yoga sessions that appeal most.

Survival safaris

For a real Outback adventure in Australia, you can now embark on a Bush safari combined with survival masterclasses, getting you in tune with your environment and letting you experience wildlife, beautiful landscapes and real survival techniques all rolled into one. Alternatively, there are similar wildlife and survival safaris offered in Africa if you’re keen to spot the Big Five.

Flower-hunting safaris

If you prefer flora over fauna, there are now safaris that focus on weird and wonderful plant life instead of wildlife. obviously these tend to be in areas that are rich in interesting flowers, and don’t have quite the adrenalin-fueled excitement of a wildlife safari, but botanists will be in their element.

Bear-watching safaris

Canada, Alaska and and Arctic Svalbard archipelago are amongst the top places to go for a bear-watching safari. Whether you head to the Arctic to spot Polar Bears, Alaska to seek out the Grizzly, or Canada to find Churchill Polar Bears and Spirit Bears, there are a whole host of safaris out there for those who want an exciting encounter with wild bears.